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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

Version 9.1.1 R1

How can we add a new session for the classroom?

Improvements in classroom sessions date.

To create sessions with the same start and end date or overlap start dates and end dates with another session of the same product so that multiple sessions can run at the same time.

Step 1. Go to the classroom module.

step 2. Go to the add new session button.

Step 3. Add the branch office, Product, and Partner details.

Step 4. Then add the session details like start date, and end date as well as quota, and tutors.

Step 5. Add the session Name, the default session name field can be changed as needed.

Step 6. To create more sessions as sessions A, B, and so on at the same time for the same product click on add session button and add an additional field to create a session.

Step 8. Click on the action button and select the edit session option to edit the session name through the session details.

Sharing of the filters

We here at Agentcis understand how important filters in reports are. We have redesigned the filter feature and made it more user-friendly. You can now share the filter.

Steps to share filter

step 1. Add a new filter.

step 2. Save the added filter.

step 3. share the added filter with users by clicking the add button in the right corner.

Note: Only the user who created the filter can share the filter.