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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

How to Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Account?

Before You Start, You need to have

A business has to have a Facebook business account to set up WhatsApp in the system. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Manager account, follow Facebook's instructions to create one.

After the user has successfully created a Facebook business account, follow the below process to generate a unique key for WhatsApp integration.

  1. Go To and Click on Get Started to set up your developer account.

2. Register your Facebook account by entering your email address.

Note: This email address can be the same or different from the Facebook email address.

3. Enter the Code sent to your email address

4. Now, You will land on the “My Apps” Page

5. Click on “Create App” to set up your app and Click on the “Other” option

6. Click on “Business” app type

7. Enter the name of your app. The name entered will be reflected on the “My Apps” page. 

Note: You can enter the name of your company/consultancy

8. You will be redirected to the “App Dashboard” after Saving the changes.

9. Go To “Add products to your app”. Search for WhatsApp and Click on “Set up”. After clicking on “Set up” It will added under “My Products”. Your WhatsApp has been set up under the developer account.

You have successfully added “WhatsApp” as your App.

10. Now, click on “Settings” or Go To “Quickstart” under WhatsApp for WhatsApp API setup.

11. Select the Meta Business Account you want to link to from the dropdown.

12. You will land on the Business Whatsapp Platform Dashboard after selecting the Meta Business Account.

How can I get a Phone Number ID?

  1. Go To your Developer Account through and Click on “API Setup”

You can see the temporary access token but this will only be valid for 23 hours and you will have to regenerate it again every 24 hours. So, we will be generating a permanent token.

Go To “Step 5” and Click on “Add phone number”

2. Enter the “Business Name”, which can be the name of your company, and then enter the URL of your company website. Then, Click on “Next”.

3. Review your Profile Display your Name, Timezone, and business category, then click on “Next”

4. Now, enter a Phone number for WhatsApp and click on “Next”. You will receive a verification message on your phone number and verify your phone number by entering the code.

Note: Please Use a new number for Business WhatsApp if you are using WhatsApp Business for the first time.

5. You will land on the API setup page.

6. Now, as the payment method is not added, add a payment method by clicking on “Add payment method”. Enter all the required details as shown below by clicking on “Payment settings”.

Your phone number has been set up in WhatsApp Business Platform. Now, go to API setup and copy the Phone Number ID.

Paste the phone number here in Phone Number ID.

How can I get the API key?

  1. Go To the Facebook Business page of your account. Click on System Users.

2. You need to Add a System User to your account who will have access to the app you have created previously. Click on “I Accept”.

3. Here, create a system user by entering the Name of the System User Name. Choose System User Role as Employee.

Note: System User Name can be the name of your department of the company.

4. After adding the system user, you will land on the “System Users” Page in the Business Account.

5. Now, Go To “WhatsApp Accounts” under Accounts to add people to the app you have created previously

6. Click on “Add People”

7. Select the System User Name and assign access

8. Now, Click on “Generate Token”

9. Select the Name of the App you are generating the token for. You need to select the Name of the app you have created previously from the dropdown and click on “Generate Token”

Your token has been generated. Copy and paste this into your notepad as it cannot be generated again. You will have to paste this token into the Agentcis App