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Sumeet Paudel
Written by Sumeet Paudel

Assigning and Sharing Application with others.

This feature is developed for the ease of working on the same application from different offices or for agencies with many branches.

Sometimes you might have to process your workflow from a different part of the world by a different person and you might not want them to have complete access to your client’s application. Agentcis got your back, you can assign multiple assignees for a particular Application in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Select, Clients from the menu, and the Client’s list will appear.

Step 2 – Open the client’s Application where you need to assign someone and click on the “+” button as shown in the image below.

Step 3 – A list of users from all your offices and branches will appear in a dropdown list. Select the assignee for the application.

You can assign as many assignees as you require but they will only have access to the assigned application. They cannot edit or even preview details in other applications in the same client’s profile. Even with the invoices, the assignee from one office cannot view invoices created by other branch offices.

To remove the assignee from the application, Go to the assignee tabs and click on the cross i.e "x" icon to delete the assignee.