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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

Introducing Classroom Management Feature

Do you find difficulty in managing the classes such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT in your consultancy? Are you always finding yourself going back and forth in tracking the number of students and the assigned facilitator? As these classes are a major source of income in almost every consultancy, managing them with the proper tools is crucial. 

The new classroom feature in agentcis helps create different sessions, enroll students into them in accordance with the quota requirements, number of seats available, and number of courses per day, track student attendance, and manage the tutors for the sessions.

Users can alter the end dates, quota, and list of tutors for sessions. Sessions can also be archived if they aren't used right away and then unarchived if they are.

Note: Users will require permission to access the classroom management feature. These permissions include viewing the classroom, adding and editing sessions, adding and removing tutors, starting classroom sessions, completing, archiving, and unarchiving sessions, enrolling students, marking their attendance and viewing classroom activities.

Setting up Classroom Workflow, Partner, and Product

Step 1: To create the classroom application for the clients you first need to set up the workflow, partner, and product for the classroom. First, you will have to create a workflow to define the various stages of your service.

Step 2: To learn how to add the Workflow please click the following link:

Step 3: For adding a new classroom product, you will first have to add a partner who will provide the classroom service. In this case, the partner could also be an internal department within your consultancy. For example, if BlueSky Agency has an English test preparation named BlueSky Test Preparation, we will have to create a partner called BlueSky Test Preparation. After the partner has been set up, you will have to add the different classes that you offer such as IELTS, PTE, etc as your product.

To learn how to add Partners and Products please click the following link:

Adding New Sessions to the Classroom

To get started with the classroom management feature, you will have to first create a session for your classroom. This session will include the Start date and end date of your class session along with the assigned tutors for the session. You can add new sessions by following these steps.

Step1. Go to the Classroom Module.

Step 2. Click on to Add New Session Button to create a new session.

Step 3. Select the office, Partner, Branch, and Product. Add the session information, Start and End Date, Classroom Quota, and the tutors for the classroom. You can also add new sessions for the classroom by clicking on the Add New Sessions button. Click on the save button to create classroom sessions

Note: Sessions cannot be created with the same start and end date under the same product and partner. Same product session cannot overlap same session intake and end date.

Step 4. The sessions created will be visible on the list view of the classroom module along with the status.

Adding Classroom application and Student Enrollment 

Step 1. Go to the client’s detail page and click on the Application tab.

Step 2. Click on the Add button.

Step 3. Select the classroom workflow, partner, and product for the application, and create a new application for the classroom product.

Step 4. Click on save

Once the application has been created, you will have to follow these steps

Step 1. Go to the Application detail page and click on Enroll to Classroom Session button. You will be directed to the Classroom module to select the session.

 Step 2. Select the session and click on choose selected session.

Managing Classroom Activities 

From the classroom module, you can now select or filter the sessions that are in progress, not started, completed, or archived. Additionally, you will also have the option to start the session, edit the session, add tutors, view the students enrolled in the session along with the session quota and you can even mark the attendance of students.

Starting a new Session

After the classroom sessions have been created and students are enrolled under the classroom application, you will have to option to start the session. To start a classroom session, please follow these steps

Step 1. Go to Classroom Module,

Step 2. Select a classroom with the status Not Started

Note: Make sure that students are enrolled before starting the session. A session without any students or enrollments will not be started.

Step 3. Click on the Start Session button 

Step 4. You will be asked to confirm if you want to start the classroom. Click on Confirm

Marking the attendance 

After starting the classroom you can Mark the Attendance of the clients from the attendance section.

Step 1. Click on the Mark Attendance button

Step 2.  Mark the attendance in an individual manner if all the clients are not present by checking on the box or if all are present you can click on the Mark all are present box which marks all the clients as present.

Tracking activities in the Logs section 

In the classroom feature, logs get generated automatically. You can keep track of every activity done by the user, like who enrolled students, who took attendance, and many more. 

Editing, Archiving, or Completing Classroom Sessions

Step 1. Select the session that you want to edit from the Classroom Module 

Step 2. Click on the three-dot icon on the top right corner and click on Edit Session

Step 3. Make the changes that are required and click on Save Changes. You can also select the option to enroll students in the middle of the session while editing the session.

Note: To add or edit the classroom, the user should have the following permissions:

To learn to edit the permission, click the following link: