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Sangita Rawal
Written by Sangita Rawal

Demo Data Deletion

Users can remove or erase data that are used for demonstration and testing purposes in the Agentcis system. Users are provided with an option to load or skip demo data in their Agentcis system during the first-time sign-in process. This feature will help users get familiar with the system while also allowing them to start with a clean state if they prefer not to use demo data. Only the ‘Owner’ account will have access to load or not load the demo data in the system.

For the further process to delete the demo data, please follow this step;

Step 1:

Sign in to our account.

Step 2:

You will encounter a pop-up screen with two options; 'Load demo data' or 'No, start fresh'.

Step 3:

Choose one option to begin

Start fresh: If you wish to begin with the system in a clean state and prefer not to use demo data, please select the 'No, Start Fresh’ button.

Load data: If you prefer to continue with the existing data, please choose 'Load Data'.

If you have selected 'Load Data' but now you wish to remove the data from the system, you can delete the demo data from the system,

Step 1:

Go to the settings from the top-info bar.

Step 2: 

Scroll down until you locate the “Data Management” module, and click on “Data Management”.

Step 3: Once you have viewed the Data Management page, click on “Delete Demo Data” to delete the data.

A pop-up opens up for confirmation to delete the demo data from the system. Click on “I agree, delete the demo data permanently from the system.” And then on “Confirm” to proceed with the deletion.