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Rupal Bhardwaj
Written by Rupal Bhardwaj

Different Roles and Permissions

In Agentcis, there are various designations. There are Super Admin, Admin, Manager, Accountant, Counsellor and Operator. These are the standard roles provided by the system and each role has a set of permissions given to them so as to control the access within your offices and employees. Here, we have listed down the permissions that each role has.

  • Super Admin: Super Admin of Tenant | No. of Permissions: 118
  • Admin: Admin of the Tenant | No. of Permissions: 85
  • Manager: Agent of the Tenant | No. of Permissions: 71
  • Accountant: Financial Controller | No. of Permissions: 48
  • Counsellor: Client service consultant | No. of Permissions: 34
  • Operator: Operator of the Tenant | No. of Permissions: 68
Note: Customs roles can be created with respective permissions in the Premium Plan.
Note: You can edit the permission for the default roles/custom roles at any time.