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Prashant Manandhar
Written by Prashant Manandhar

Editing Partners and Products in Application

Agentcis has introduced a new editing feature that allows users to change the partner and product in the client's application. This will also keep a log history of the updated information on client and application detail pages.

Editing Partner and product in the Applications

Step 1. Select the client and go to the client profile.

Step 2. Click on the applications tab

Step 3. Select the application to be edited.

Step 4. Click on the edit partner and product button

Step 5. Select the Partner and Branch that you want to change

Note: Partner Option contains the list of the partner their email address and their branch name on the rightmost side with the auto sync tag down under it if the partner is auto-synced.

Step 6. Select the required product.

Step 7. Click the Update button.

The application is now edited and updated with the new partner and product information. This will help in amending the partners and products that might have been duplicated and used in the application. Once this has been done, the user will then be able to delete the duplicate partner.

Note: When an application is edited, changes can be viewed in the "Activities" section on the application detail page. The workflow stages and log history, including the changed partner and product names, can also be viewed on the stage where the editing or change occurred. The same log history appears on the client detail page, including the name of the user who edited the application, the name of the partner who was changed, the changed partner name, the name of the product, and the changed product, along with the date and time.