Partners are organizations that you represent, such as institutions, universities, visa offices, accommodation providers, and insurance companies.

On the other hand, Products are courses, visa sub-classes, rental services or insurance policies that are offered by Partners in different locations.

For example, Bachelor of Accounting is a Product, offered by our Partner named, Australian Demo University in their Sydney and Melbourne Campuses.

To add a Partner & Product, select a Partner from the quick Add button at the top info bar.

Step 1- Select Master category

Step 2- Select partner type.

Step 3 - Now, Add Partner’s Name. For example, Australian Demo University.

Step 4- Here, add Business Registration Number of Partner. This can be used while invoicing them.

Step 5- Then select workflows, where you want their applications to run.

Step 6- Select the currency type.

Step 7- Add partner address and contact details.

Step 8- Since most of the universities have multiple campuses at various locations. You can add those campuses as a branch.


You can simply import all your partner’s with their products and even branch offices from our master database.

To do so, follow the given steps.

Step 1- Go to the Services page from the Dashboard.

Step 2 - Click on the Add New button.

Step 3 - Now select the Import from database option.

Step 4- Now, select the Workflow to process the partner's application.

[Note: if the relevant workflow is inactive or missing, you can directly create one from here.]

Step 5 - Select the Partner category, whether it is Education or Insurance

Step 6 - Click on the "Choose Partner and Product" button to proceed.

Step 7- Select the Country where your partner is located.

Step 8- Select the partners from the list.

Step 9- Select the Revenue type.

Step 10- Import the Partner.

Adding Product
Follow the given steps to add product in the system :
Step 1 - Click on the Quick Add Button on the Top-Info Bar.

Step 2 - Now add product's name.

Step 3 - Add Product type.

Step 4- Add the associated Partner and it's branches.

Step 5- Then add the Revenue Type whether it is revenue generated from a client or from the partner.

Step 6- You can also add product information like Duration, Intake Month along with Product Description and Notes for other team members to see when required.

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