To run any business, the internal business process needs to be in the right place. Each product you offer, whether education or insurance, will follows a different application process. In Agentcis, those processes are called Workflows.

In simple terms, Workflows are service processes to run your client’s applications for various services you offer in your agency business.

So, to create a workflow follow the given steps.

Step 1: First, click on the add button at the top info bar then, select the workflow option.

Step 2: Give your workflow a name, for example, I am naming it Australian Education.

Step 3: You need to select the preferred offices or all offices for workflows.

Note: The workflow will only be accessible for the office that you select here.

Step 4: You can see the two default stages are already here.

Step 5: Now add more stages and name all these stages.

For example, Application, Offer letter, Fee Payment, COE, Visa Application, Enrollment and Course on-going.

Step 6: To get more control over your process and improve your data in Agentcis, you can make some of the data input compulsory at each stage.

Those includes:
Start and End Date
Partners Client ID

Simply click these icons on respective stage, where you want your team member to input the selected data while changing the respective application.

Step 7: You can also select a win stage from your workflow stages to confirm the conversion of client’s application. In simple terms, the win stage determines the success of Client’s Application.

Let’s make enrolment stage as our win stage, by simply clicking trophy icon next to the stage row.

Step 8: Save this workflow.

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