Custom fields are essential to any agency because every agency has there own application and workflow process. Predefined fields of form might not be enough to gather required information in some agencies. So we made it easy for you to add as much section and custom fields as your workflow needs.

Step 1– Click on setting button and select “Custom Field Setting”

Custom Field Setting page will open. Here you can see three main categories, Client, Product, Partner and Application whose fields and section can be added to their forms.

Now, let’s see how we can add custom fields and section in “ Add ” Client, Product, Partner and Application forms.

Step 2– Click on “Add Field” button on the right side of the page.

Create Custom Field drawer will appear, as shown in the image below.

Step 3–  Select the Module (Client, Partner, Product or Application) on which you want to add the field.

Step 4– Name the section of your Custom field.

Step 5– Give the “Custom Field Name”.

Step 6– Select the custom field type(Text/Date/Number/Dropdown). 

If you select the drop-down option, you can see the fields to add drop down options.

Step 7– Here, you have two options. Check on Make this field Mandatory to add a Mandatory field and Check on Show this field on list view to view the field on related module’s table head.

When you select Drop-down field type you will get three options.

If you Check on Make this field Mandatory a “ * ” sign will appear with your field name and you will not be able to delete it unless you make it mandatory. Mandatory fields can only be made Deactivated.

When you check on Show this field on list view“ your field name will appear on the table head of module’s list.

If your custom field type is Dropdown, you can Allow Multiple Dropdown Selections, so that multiple options can be selected from the list.

Step 8– Click on “ Save/Cancel/Save and New ” to finish adding Custom fields.

Below is the example of how your field will appear in respective forms.

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