There is 4 ways to add application:

1st Way
Step 1- Open the client’s detail page.

Step 2- Go to the Application tab.

Step 3- Click on the blue “Add” button at the right corner of the page.

Step 4- Select the Workflow for the application

Step 5- Now, select the partner (Universities or visa offices).

Step 6– Lastly, select the product (Courses or visa type).

Step 7- Click on the “Save” button and now you make successfully added an application to the client’s profile. Otherwise you can add additional application by clicking "Save and New" button.

2nd Way
Step 1- From Interested Services tab, Click Add button

Step 2- Same as above, Select the Workflow, Partner, Product and Branch

Step 3- You may add Expected Start Date (when this application may be started) or Expected End Date (when do you think this application would be successful). Once you are done, click save button

Step 4- This interested service is not confirmed yet. You need to re-check with the applicant either he would like to apply this interested service or not. As soon as he confirms it, then we can approve the interested service into application by clicking 3 dot button on the right corner. It should be appeared in the Application Tab.

3rd Way
Step 1- Click "Service" Tab

Step 2- Choose Service Category (For instance: Education), Search For (For instance: Courses) and click "Search" button.

Step 3- It will show you several Partners (college) and Product (Bachelor or Degree). You can either add the Application straight away or Add to Compare list (up to 5 partners can be selected).

Step 4 (A)- By clicking "Add to Application", new field will pop up and you need to Select Contact, Workflow, and Branch from Partner. Once you are done, click "Add" or" Add&Go to Application" straight away.

Step 4 (B)- The time you add several partners into compare list, you can Press the "Compare button" and press "Compare Now". After you press "Compare now", you can either Add the application straight away to applicant or email the comparison to applicant.

4th Way
Step 1- go to "Quotation" main menu.

Step 2- Click "Create Quotation" on the top right side of your screen.

By clicking on this button, a dialogue box will appear that allows you to select a client or prospect to whom you want to send the quotation.

Step 3- Once you have selected your clients’ name, you will be redirected to the ‘Quotations’ page where you will have to input some mandatory information on the top right side of your screen.

Step 4- To add quotations you must click on " Add New Line" button.

It will redirect you to a dialogue box where you can choose which Workflow, Partner, Product, and Branch in accordance with your client’s choice. These details are mandatory.

Once you have selected these details, you will find that a line of the quotation that you have just selected has appeared in the ‘Products List’ Table.

Step 5- You can preview, edit, send, decline or archive the draft quotation on the ‘**Actions**’ bar.

Step 6- After you have sent the draft quotation to your prospect, you will find that the draft has now been listed as ‘Sent’ status.

Step 7- Go to the Particular Client and check the Quotation that you just made. You can Approve it once applicant responds and agrees with the quotation you sent.

Step 8- As soon as the applicant is in Approved condition, then you can "Process" it to the application by clicking the dot button and it will appear in the client's application.

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