To add multiple Partners at a time follow the given steps.

Step 1– Click on “ Import " button  next to Add button in the Partner’s page.

Step 2–  Download template option will open. Download the CSV template and list all your partners in the downloaded sheet. Here, Partners name, Email address, Country and Currency Code are the mandatory fields. Without filling in these information your CSV file will show error while uploading it back to the system.

Step 3- Now, Upload it back to the system.

When you Copy/Paste data in downloaded CSV template, always Paste using only “ Paste only value ” option.

Step 4 – Right-click on the cell you want to paste the data.

Step 5 –  Now, select the “ Paste the Value ” only option as shown in the image below.

Now, Click on the " Import " button and if your email notification is enabled, you will receive an email reporting the number of successfully imported and failed imports, and are listed along with a attachment where the row numbers of failed import are given, so that you can correct it and re-import.
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