Follow the given steps to Add a Prospect.
Step 1- Go to Client menu and you will automatically land on the Clients tab.

Step 2- To add a Prospect/ Client, click “Add” button at the right corner of the page from the Prospects or Clients tab.

Step 3- A pop up for adding new client or prospect will be displayed as shown below. Fields marked with “\*“are mandatory. 

Step 4- Fill in the details: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and Assignee.

Step 5- Leave this section empty and the person being added will be considered as a Prospect but if you fill this section, the person will be identified as a Client by the system, and will be listed in the Clients tab.

If you have more information about your Prospect/Client, click on “Add more Details” at the left end corner of the pop up form.

A full page form will open as shown below, where you can add more details about your Prospect/Client.

Now, you can also add followers to a new client and prospect. This feature allows you to add multiple followers to your contact so that you can grant them access to your contacts and its applications.

To add a follower:

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