Regulatory Compliance (Previously Regulatory Bundles)

To comply with the local regulations for the phone numbers, the system needs you to provide supporting documentation to carriers or local enforcement agencies. Supporting documents are used to verify the end-user's information.

To add new Regulatory Compliance:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select Phone Settings.

Step 3: Click on the Regulatory Compliance tab.

Step 4: Click on + Add New Regulatory.

Step 5: Select a country and phone type.

Step 6: Enter a regulatory friendly name. This could be anything that you would like, such as your business name followed by regulatory compliance.

Then, enter your business name.

Step 7: Upload supporting documents that complies with the local regulations. These documents are used to verify the end-user's information.

For ensured verification, upload a Company ASIC Extract that verifies your business registration ID and business address. Please select commercial registry or equivalent in the dropdown menu when doing so.

Step 8: Select the type of the supporting document. The document should be JPG, PNG, or PDF.

Step 9: Provide the Proof of Identity Information.

Enter the Business Registration Number and Business Name.

Then, enter your Proof of Address Information. You can use the already existing address information or add a new address.

Step 10: Click on Save.

Step 11: You will be taken to a review page. Here, click on the Submit For Review button.

Step 12: Your regulatory documents have now been submitted to be reviewed.
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