To delete Mandatory fields, firstly you have to remove the data which consists of that particular field from Client’s, Product’s or Partner’s list.

For example, you have to delete a mandatory custom field which you created for Client’s form.

Go to “Clients” from the menu and select the Client which you added using forms with**particular Custom Field**.

Step 1 – Click on “**Edit**” from clients personal detail section.

Step 2– Now, remove the data from the Custom Field and Save.

Step 3 – Go to Settings > Custom Fields Setting. Now in client’s Custom Field list, Click on “**Actions”** and “Deactivate” the Field.

Step 4 – Select the Inactive Tab and click on the Actions of the particular Custom field. A drop-down list will appear and select “**Delete**” from the options.

Similarly, To delete a non-mandatory Custom Field, you can directly Deactivate the particular Custom Field.

and Delete it from the Inactive Tab.

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