Follow the given steps to Authenticate Agentcis application in Zapier.

Step 1 - Sign up to Zapier via

Step 2 - Click on the Make a zap option

Step 3 - On the trigger section search Agentcis.

Step 4 - Click on the Agentcis from the search result.

Step 5 - Select the required trigger event. Currently there are three triggers available.

Step 6 - Click on Continue

Step 7 - Connect to your Agentcis account by clicking on Sign up.

Step 8 - On the integration pop up you have to add the subdomain and API ticket.

To add subdomain:-
Go to Agentcis and select your subdomain. For example - blueskydemo

Step 9 - Paste the subdomain on the Subdomain field of integration pop up.

To add API :-
Go to Agentcis and click on settings.

On the settings you can see the API option.

Click on create new token from the top right corner.

Give API name. For example - Zapier New Lead Integration and click save.

Step 10 - Copy the token from the Agentcis pop up.

Step 11 - Paste the API token in Zappier pop up.

Step 12 - Finally click on Yes Continue.

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