Change Subscription

If you have started with a basic monthly plan, you can always change your subscription to premium monthly and premium annual. By upgrading your subscription to premium, you can use all advanced feature of Agentcis.

Note: You can always upgrade from monthly to annual but you cannot downgrade from basic annual to premium monthly.

To change your subscription plan, follow the steps below.

Step 1 -Go to the settings page from the settings menu.

Step 2 -Select the Subscription and Billing settings option.

Step 3 -You will land on the “Subscription” Tab.

Step 4 -Click on the change subscription button.

Step 5 -Choose your plan. If you want to change from monthly to annual you can click on the annual option.

Step 6 - Choose "Get premium" and click on edit add - ons

Step 7 -In the payment section select "add ons".

Note:- In Basic plan - $5 USD is charged for every 50 GB addition storage addition and $5 USD for every 1000 email storage additions.
In Premium Plan - $5 USD for storage add on and $60 USD for every 12000 email storage add on.

Step 8 -Select a card to make payment and click next.

Step 9 - Upgrade the subscription.

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