Step 1- All lead forms will directly list out in the Enquiries section when submitted.

Step 2- Open the Prospect’s detail page.

Step 3- Check the enquirer’s details and simply click on this approve button here.

Step 4- Now assign a team member to look after the lead, and click on the approve button.

So now who are prospects & clients?

Well, prospects are any contacts that are assigned to one of your team members but haven’t started any application yet. As soon as you add an Application to Prospects, they will be considered as Clients in Agentcis.

Since Prospect was assigned to one of our team members, she is on my prospect list for now. This list contains all qualified and prospective leads who haven’t started an application with your agency.

Step 5 - Now, select the application tab and click on add button.

Step 6- Select the workflow.

Step 7- Select the partner.

Step 8- Now, select the Product.

Step 9- Save it.

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