Filters in the Audit log

Agentcis Audit log saves every login details but as a user, you might want to segregate the data and check for some specific one urgently. Now, we have made it possible by adding filters in the Audit log page. This feature allows you to check through every category in the list individually.

To add filter in Audit log follow the given steps.

Step 1 - Open Audit log.

Step 2 - Click on add filters button

Step 3 - Select filter category

Step 4 - Select the property of filter


Email Status

Are you worried about your partners or clients missing an important email from your agency? Do you want to know if your email has reached them or not? If yes, then this feature is for you. You can view Email Status in Agentcis outbox and acknowledge whether the email is delivered or not.

Step 1 - To see Email Status, select the Outbox option from mailing icon.

Step 2- You can see email status in every email.

Change Client’s Assignee in Bulk

If you are having trouble in changing Client’s Assignee, then this feature is exactly for you.
Agentcis have introduced new “Change Assignee in Bulk” feature which allows you to assign multiple clients from the previous assignee to another assignee in one go.

To change the client's assignee in bulk, follow the given steps.

Step 1 - Select Clients menu from the side navigation bar.

Step 2 - Now, click on the checkbox to select multiple clients.

Step 3- After selecting clients, you will see the Change assignee button. Click on it.

Step 4- Change the assignee.

Step 5 - Click Approve to save the change,

Email Attachment

With Email attachment feature enhancement, you can now attach documents in emails composed from clients/prospects list and detail page, users list and detail page and Agent's list and detail page.
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