Detailed email compose

Along with new look custom field has become more dynamic. We introduce you the Drop-down field which will allow you to add selective option in a list which unfolds to view. You can now add drop-down field in your client’s, partner’s and product’s form when required.

Custom Field Upgrade

You can now view email recipient’s details in "Search email id" field drop-down. This will help you identify the correct receiver every time you compose an email.

To add a drop-down custom field follow the given steps.

Step 1 - Go to Settings options.

Step 2 - Select the Custom Field Setting option

Step 3 - Click on the Add fields button at the right corner of the page.

Step 4 - After setting the field details.

Step 5 - Click on the Field Type option and select drop-down option.

Step 6 - Add option field will appear.

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