Commission invoice

Commission invoice can be generated for Net Claim and Gross Claim.

Net Claim: In this invoice, overall payment is made by a client to the agency, where agency deducts its commission including tax and makes remaining payment to the Partner.
Gross Claim: In this invoice, the overall payment is made by a client to the Partner directly, where agency claims its commission from the Partner.

General Invoices

General Invoices are invoices created for Clients or Partners that covers any remaining miscellaneous payments and are billed for payment. A general invoice can be generated as Client General Invoice and Partner General Invoice.

Client General Invoice: Client General Invoice covers all your agency’s miscellaneous expenses and claims related to client processing. Client General Invoice can be sent to Client’. E.g: Migration Service Fee.
Partner General Invoice: Partner General Invoice records payments received from Partners for the services provided by the Agency. Partner General Invoice can be sent to Partner. E.g: Tuition Refundable.
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