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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

General Settings

Partner and Product Type

Step 1 - First, go to Settings from the Top Info Bar.

Step 2 - Then select General.

Step 3 - Select the Product/Partner Type tab.

Step 4 - Here, you can add Partner or Product type related to any one of the Master Categories.

Step 5 - Click on the Add-Type button at the top right.

Step 6 - Select the Master Category, select Partner Type or Product Type and write the name of the type.

Step 7 - Click on the Save button.

Discontinued reasons

Step 1 - Select Discontinue reasons tab.

Step 2 - Click Add new Reason tab.

Step 3 - Filling the empty space for the reason and click Save.

Other settings

From this settings option, you can add Clients ID Prefixes, Format the date, and add Referrer’s source.