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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

How to Add a custom field in Client's Form?

To add Custom fields in the clients’ form follow the given steps.

Step 1– From the “ Settings " button, select " Custom Fields " setting.


Step 2– Select “ Add Field " option on the page.

Step 3– A form will pop up. A mandatory fields with {*} need to be filled up. First of all, Select the represent Module (i.e. Partner, Client or Product)

Step 4– Second, Select or Create the Section Name. You can either select one of the selected field or input new name and create a new one.

Step 5- Thirdly, input the name and Select one of the Type (i.e. Can be Date, Text, Number or DropDown). Once you are done, click Save or click Save&New for additional custom field.

Note: if you select DropDown type, a new field will appear. Input the name and you can always add some more fields by clicking the "+Add Option" button.