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Rupal Bhardwaj
Written by Rupal Bhardwaj

How to add an Appointment in Agentcis?

Agentcis helps you to set a meeting with your contact or partner and sends a calendar invite to them after the meeting has been scheduled. The invitation can be added to their calendar for further reminders from the invitation email.

To add an appointment:

Step 1: To quickly add an appointment, click on the click + on the top bar and select Appointment. Select if you are creating an appointment for a client or a partner, then choose your client or partner.

Or, go to the detail page of the client or partner and select the Appointment tab. Then click on +Add.

Step 2: Select your timezonedate, and time for the appointment.

Step 3: Add a Title for the purpose of the appointment. Then, add a Description of the agenda for the meeting if needed.

Step 4: You can also invite your other team members to the appointment by selecting their names under Invitees.

All invitees including contact or partner will be automatically emailed the details of the appointment.

You can find all the appointments related to a contact or partner in their Appointments tab. You can also edit appointments here.

On the appointment day, you will see the appointment on your Agentcis Dashboard.