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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

How to Add New Sessions to the Classroom

To get started with the classroom management feature, you will have to first create a session for your classroom. This session will include the Start date and end date of your class session along with the assigned tutors for the session. You can add new sessions by following these steps.

Step1. Go to the Classroom Module.

Step 2. Click on to Add New Session Button to create a new session.

Step 3. Select the office, Partner, Branch, and Product.

Step 4. Add the session information, Start and End Date, Classroom Quota, and the tutors for the classroom.

Step 5. You can also add new sessions for the classroom by clicking on the Add New Sessions button. Click on the save button to create classroom sessions

Note: Sessions cannont created with the same start and end date under the same product and partner. Same product session cannot overlap same session intake and end date.

Step 6. The sessions created will be visible on the list view of the classroom module along with the status

Note: To add the new session in the classroom, the users should have the following permissions as marked in the image below:

Note: To learn to edit the permission, click the following link: