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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

How to Calculate Sales forecast?

To check your Sales forecast, follow the given steps.

For Interested services.

Step 1- Select your contact from the list view.

Step 2- Click on the Interested service tab.

Step 3- Click on the blue add button to add interested service 

Step 4- Select the workflow

Step 5- Select the Partner 

Step 6- Select the product 

Step 7- Expected Win Date

Step 8- Add Prospect revenue

Step 9- Add the partner's revenue

Step 10- Now add any deduction made by your agency.

Step 11- Click on Save. 

For Application.

Step 1- Select the contact.

Step 2- Click on the Application tab in contact's detail page.

Step 3- Open the Application detail page.

Step 4- On the right section of detail page, you can see Sale Forecast option.

Step 5- Add Client revenue.

Step 6- Add the Partners revenue.

Step 7- Now add any deduction made by your agency.