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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

How to create a new Lead Form?

How to customize a lead form? How to add lead? How to add contact? Contact Management

New Lead Form

To create a new web form, follow the given steps.

Step 1- Click on the Lead form icon on the top info bar and select manage.

Step 2- To create a new Lead Form, click on the Add Lead form button at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3-Give your form a name at Save form as \* field (it is mandatory)

Step 4- You can add a cover image in your web form from ADD COVER IMAGE section in Add New Lead Form page.

Step 5- Attach your company logo and give a form title. You can add header text from the field on the right of FORM HEADER section.

Step 6- Here are two tabs, one for System Fields and other one is Custom Fields. 

System fields are form fields which are given by the Agentcis itself, and Custom Fields are the form fields which you create from Custom Field Settings. 

Step 7- Now select the required fields, as shown in the image below. (First Name, Last Name, and Email are already selected because these are mandatory fields.)

System fields in first section are for filling the Lead's Personal details. As mentioned before, First and Last name are mandatory in this section. Then, we have Contact details in second section, Email is a mandatory system field here. 

Accordingly, there are various sections which contains of system fields to choose from and they are Address details, Current Visa Information, Other details where you can enable a field for adding preferred Intake. We can include Interested Services, here one can select the Interested Workflow while filling up the form.

In further sections, you can select fields for adding Educational Background, English Test Scores and Other Test Scores,

If you want your Leads to upload their documents from lead form itself, you can select the Upload Documents field from the Upload document section and similarly select the Comments field if you want your leads to leave important comments via web lead form.

Step 8- Select the Office where you want the web form to relate and it is mandatory too. After you select the office, reference sources associated to it will be listed.

Select the Reference Source from the source field. 

Step 9- Now, if you are happy with the setting. Click on the Save button to save the web form.

Your Lead Form will be listed in the Lead form list view.