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Abhilekh Singh
Written by Abhilekh Singh

How to create an automated task on Application of a client?

With Advanced Automation Settings, you can avoid the hassle of creating tasks again and again. To create an automated task on the Application of a client, follow the following steps:

1) Go to settings and select 'Advanced Automated Settings'.

2) Select Add.

3) Name the new automation according to your ease and select the office. And Save it.

4) Scroll down to 'applications' on the right side of the screen and select trigger options according to your need.

5) Now, select the workflow and workflow stage. And save it.

(Note: Task will be created when changes are made at the selected workflow stage).

6) You can add conditions/actions. Click on actions to create a task.

7) Click on 'Create New Tasks' and fill up all the task details.

7) Save it.