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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

How to create Client Automation?

The Client Automation System is a feature which helps the users to automate various activities in Agentcis Application via email (for now). This feature helps our tenants to work effortlessly and reduce lots of manual tasks that they have been conducting at the moment. For example, inform clients on their application stage changes, keep track of start/ end dates and notify the clients, and others. The users can set the Client Automation as per their requirements. 

The client automation is the system which reduces many manual tasks and automates it for the users.

How to create client automation?

Step 1- Click on the setting button

Step 2- Now select the Automation Settings

Step 3- Click on the Add button as shown in the image below.

Step 4- As the Create Automation page opens, give the Automation name.

Step 5- Select the associated office.

Step 6- Select the Module. (Lead form, Application, Contacts, or Workflow.)

Step 7- Now, select the trigger. (Trigger is the situation when your client receives this notification. It can be on their Birthdays or Visa Expiry date.)

If you select trigger: On Birthdays

Step 8- Now, add the necessary mailing information like an email address to send the automation from.

Select from the options given to send email only to the referrer or to referrer along with default receiver.

Now, select an email template. You have to create an email template separately to add it in the automation.

Step 9 – Save the automation. 

If you select the trigger:Visa Expiry date approaching.

Step 8- Set the properties. (This will send the visa expiry date approaching reminder to your client twice.)

Step 9- Set the first reminder date. For example: If you set 7 days, it will send the client reminder precisely on 7 days before the visa expiring date.

Step 10- Set the second reminder date. It sends another or second reminder to the client. For example: If you set 2, it sends a reminder email to the client, precisely on 2 days before the visa expiry date.

Step 11- Select the Email as action. (It is the format how your client receives notifications.)

Step 12- Now, select an email template. You have to create an email template separately to add it in the automation.

Step 13 – Save the automation.