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Prashant Manandhar
Written by Prashant Manandhar

How to Import Application?

To import applications in bulk, please follow the given steps.

Step 1 - Got to Settings.

Step 2 - Select the Data Imports option.

Step 3 - Now, select the Application tab.

Step 4 - Click on the Import Applications button.

Step 5 -Download the template.

Step 6 - Do keep a note of mandatory fields, you will not be able to upload if you miss the mandatory fields.

Step 7 - After filling up the CSV file.

Step 8 - Import it back into the system.

Note: Please make sure that the following formats are maintained for each field that is filled in the CSV/excel template:

1) Client Email: Email address of the client

2) Partner's Client Id: Number

3) Workflow: Text

4) Partner Email: Email address of partner

5) Partner Branch Name: Text

6) Product Name: Text

7) Stage: Text

8) Added By: Text

9) Assignee's Email: Email address of assignee

10) Status: Selection from dropdown

11) Application Start Date: dd/mm/yyyy

12) Application End Date:dd/mm/yyyy

13) Applied Intake Date:dd/mm/yyyy

14) Super Agent Email: Email address of Super agent

15) Sub Agent Email: Email address of Sub-Agent