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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

How to Manage Contacts in Agentcis Mobile App?

There are various activities that you can perform in the Agentcis App to manage your contacts.

Filtering Contacts

In the Agentcis app, you can filter the contacts according to their status that is: ProspectClient, and Archived.

In the contact list click on the filter icon at the top right.

Select the status of the contacts that you want to see.

Adding Notes

To add notes for a client click on their name to go to their detail page.

Then click on the Add button on the bottom right and select Create Note.

Now add the title and the description of the note. Both of these fields are mandatory. After the note has been completed click on Save & Create.

Editing Contact Information

To edit any contact's information go to their detail page.

Click on the edit icon at the top right.

On the Edit Contact page, you can make any changes necessary to the system fields as well as the custom fields.