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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

How to Set or add Payment schedule?

To schedule payments for your clients in bulk or individually, you can add payment details and even send the payment schedules directly to the client via email. Furthermore, you can manage its invoicing manually or automate it as you prefer.

First, let's set up the payment schedule for a client from his application. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Open the client's application detail page and select the +Setup Payment Schedule button from the right section of the detail page. When you set up the payment schedule, all payment details are extracted automatically from the product fee details.

Step 2 - After you click on the +Setup Payment Schedule button a pop-up form will appear.

Step 3 - Now, add in the required information. At first, you need to select the Installment Start Date. Just click on the calendar icon and select your date.

Step 4 - Add the number of installments and Installment intervals.

Step 5 - In the second part of this pop-up form, select the invoice date, by clicking on the calendar icon.

Step 6 - Turn Auto invoicing on if you want the invoice to be created automatically.

Step 7 - Now, select the invoice type.

Step 8 - Click on the Create schedule button.

Now, let's see, how to add a payment schedule from the application's Payment schedule sub-tab.

Step 1 - From the client's application detail page, click on the Payment Schedule sub-tab.

Step 2 - Click on the Add Schedule button.

Step 3 - A pop-up form will appear where you have to manually add the required information.

Step 4 - Add in the installment name.

Step 5 - Select the installment date.

Step 6 - Select the fee type.

Step 7 - Add Fee amount.

Step 8 - If you need to add more fee types then click on the Add Fee button.

Step 9 - Now, Save the schedule.