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Abhilekh Singh
Written by Abhilekh Singh

How to sync partner and product data with Agentcis master database?

No more worrying about keeping your partners and product details up to date. Just enable the match and auto-sync feature and relax. This feature will automatically match manually added data with Agentcis master database and upgrade it for you.

To enable Match and Auto-Sync in Partner and Product, please follow the given steps:

Step 1: First go to the Partners list page from the Side Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Select the existing Partner you want to Match with the Master Database.

Step 3: Above the Partner’s picture, turn the Auto-Sync toggle to ON.

Step 4: Select the Partner from the Master Database to be matched with.

Step 5: Select the Branches to match.

Step 6: Now select the Products to be matched. You can select to Sync the fees of the Products as well.

Step 7: Now, select the Revenue Type.

Step 8- Click on Sync Now.