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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

Managing Phone Numbers

To manage your phone numbers, please go to Settings, then select Phone Settings. You will land on the Phone Numbers tab. You will be able to view your purchased phone numbers here. Here, you can see the phone number, service availability, monthly cost, user sharing, and admin users.

As an admin, you will be able to add users to user sharing and admin users simply by pressing the Plus Icon. Search for the user you would like to add and select their name to add them.

In the top left corner, you will see if a phone number is active or inactive. To deactivate or reactivate a phone number, press in Toggle Icon, and it will update the active or inactive status.

To delete a phone number, click on the Trash Icon. Please note, once you delete a phone number will not be able to retrieve this number.

To view the invoices for a phone number

Step 1 - Click on the Dollar Sign, and a side menu will appear.

Step 2 - Here, you can filter from date. Select the Preview button under the date to view the invoice.

Step 3 - You can also see the description of the purchase, such as credit purchase or phone number purchase, the payment method and the total cost of the invoice.

To check the Billing Settings

Step 1 - Click on the Billing Settings for an active number.

Step 2 - In the slider that appears, you can edit the billing details. Click on the Edit icon.