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Abhilekh Singh
Written by Abhilekh Singh

Match and Auto-Sync Partners and Products

No more worrying about keeping your partners and product details up to date. Just enable the match and auto-sync feature and relax. This feature will automatically match manually added data with Agentcis master database and upgrade it for you.

To enable Match and Auto-Sync in Partner and Product, please follow the given steps:

Step 1: First go to the Partners list page from the Side Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Select the existing Partner you want to Match with the Master Database.

Step 3: Above the Partner’s picture, turn the Auto-Sync toggle to ON.

Step 4: Select the Partner from the Master Database to be matched with.

Step 5: Select the Branches to match.

Step 6: Now select the Products to be matched. You can select to Sync the fees of the Products as well.

Step 7 :  Now, select the Revenue Type.

Step 8 : Click on Sync Now.