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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

New Office Check-in

The ease of our updated Office Check-In with QR code

Managing visitor information at a Consultancy or Migration Agency is crucial, but the traditional manual process of entering visitor data can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Recognizing this challenge, we are excited to introduce a streamlined solution to simplify the

Office Check-In feature in Agentcis. Previously, Counselors or Front Desk Officers had to manually input visitor data every time, leading to inefficiencies. With our new approach, we aim to alleviate this burden by providing a more user-friendly and efficient method for tracking office visitors. This enhancement not only saves time but also enhances the overall experience for both staff and visitors. we are committed to making the Office Check-In process more seamless, allowing your team to focus on providing excellent service rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks

This new feature facilitates the following activities:

1.    Quick access of office check-in to counsellors in the top info bar

2.    Dedicated Office Check-in QR where existing and new customers can check-in

3.    Analytic View of Office Check-In with branch, date and host filter

·        Office check-in trend over the period

·        Average ratings

·        Average waiting time

·        Average Attending Time

·        Total Check-Ins

4.    Customers can now rate their office check-in experience via email

5.    Added Office Visit category

6.    Auto-assign leads to the office check-in host

7.    Office check-in Activity Logs with branch, date, client and host filter

How to Use the New Office Check-In?

Permission to access the office check is required to add or edit the office check-in.

To edit the permissions, follow the following links:

Please Note: Office check in feature is only under the Premiuim Plan

Step 1: Sign in to Agentcis and you will land on the Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to office check-in from the side navigation.

Step 3: You will land on the Office check-in listing page. Choose the required office to view the office check-in details.

Step 4: Click on the dropdown on the top left corner to change the Office.

Please note: You can view the Office check-in details of the secondary office if you have access to the secondary offices.

Step 4: Generate and download a Unique QR Code

QR Codes are generated uniquely for each branch office. The user can produce the QR code for the desired branch office by clicking on the ‘Download QR’ button. 

Scan the Office check-in QR Code 

Step 1: Visitors should scan the QR code through their mobile device

Step 2: After scanning the QR Code, the Visitor will be redirected to the form. Enter the email address in the form.

Step 3: If the visitor is an existing lead and the email of the visitor already exists in the system then the visitor will be directed to fill the detail of the visit purpose

Step 4: If the visitor is a new lead and the email id of the visitor does not exist in the system then the visitor will be directed to fill the details in the form. Once the details is filled by the visitor, the details entered will be used to add the visitor as a new lead in the Enquiries section

Note: The form that has to be filled by the visitor is customizable. To add the customizable form follow the following link:

Step 5: After the visitor submits the Form, it is listed under a Waiting List in the Office Check-In Listing Table.

How to Assign a New Host to the Visitors 

Step 1: On the Listing Page, Click on the drop-down of the “Selelct to assign a host” to assign the Host to the Visitors.

Step 2: Select the Host from the dropdown

Step 3: Host will be notified after the Visitor is assigned to him in the top info bar.