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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

Office check in Form

Customizable office check in form

Customizable lead forms can also be added in office check in to add the details of the visitors. To add the form, follow the following steps:
Step 1: From the office check-in detail page, select the setting from the top right corner

Step 2: Select the office for which you are adding the form from the drop-down of the "Select Office"

Step 3: Click on the check box if you want to add the customizable lead form for the office check-in

Please Note: You have to customize the form first. To customize the lead form, follow the following link:

Step 4: Select the form from the drop-down

The selected form will be shown to the visitors who are visiting for the first time and the email ID of the visitor is not available in the system. And the added details will be be used to add the visitor as a lead in the system under the enquiries section.