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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

Office check in Logs

How to check the activities of the office check in?

View the Office Check-in records of your Office by clicking on the required date.

Note: Here, You can only view the records of last 8 days. If you want to view old records, you can check out analytics and logs.

logs get generated automatically, and we can keep track of every activity done by the users like who created, attended, and completed the check-in and many more. To check the logs follow the following steps:

Step 1: From the office check-in detail page, select "Logs"

Step 2: Select the office from the drop-down of the "Branch Name" for which the activities are to be viewed.

Note: Multiple Branches can be selected.

Step 3: Select the client from the drop-down of the "Client name" or type the name of the client

Note: Multiple Clients can be selected.

Step 4: The logs can be viewed by selecting a certain time, for this click on the date on the top right corner.

Note: Last month is selected by default

Step 5: Once all the details are selected the logs will be shown