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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

Preferences Settings.

Preference settings.

All the important details about your company can be set and edited here according to your preferences.

How to Add/edit company profile?

Company profile is the basics and shared information about the company for every user.

To add /edit company details. follow the given steps.

Step 1 - Go to settings from top info bar.

Step 2 - Select the preferences option and go to Company Profile section.

Step 3 - You can change your Company Logo, Company name, Company email, Phone number and Fax details from their respective fields.

Step 4 - Save the changes.

To Transfer the ownership.

Step 1 - Select the Domain Information tab in preference settings.

Step 2 - Click on the Transfer ownership button.

Step 3 - Select the user from the drop-down list.

Step 4 - Save the change.