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Shambhavi Sapkota
Written by Shambhavi Sapkota

Sending Client Applications to Institution through Studylink Connect

To send applications to StudyLink Connect from Agentcis, go to the client detail page and click on Application tab. Inside the client application page, click on StudyLink icon on the right end of the screen.

When you click on the Study Link icon, it displays connect application tab which can be divided into three steps as follows:

Step 01: Match Applicant/ Create Applicant

The title of the step depends on if the match is found or not.

i) Match found: The system must search for the match of the email address of the client with the client database of StudyLink. If there is a match, there will be a suggestion of the applicant in the dropdown field automatically along with the flag of their citizenship.

ii) No Match found: If there is no match found in the database, the user can “Create New Applicant”.

iii) Once the details in the form are entered, the user should be able to either “Save Details” or “Cancel”

Step 02: Choose the application

Once the applicant is matched or created, the application has to be either chosen from existing applications or choose a new course from the partner & product selected.

After successfully, all two steps of adding the StudyLink application, the drawer must close and return to the application page where it shows the status of the application synced from StudyLink and the last updated date. Once the user clicks on the refresh button here, it should refresh the status of the application. Applicant details will appear just the same as before and below that, there should be 3 tabs:

  • Application
  • Documents
  • Settings

1) Application: If the application is newly added, there should appear a link to the application form to be opened in the new tab. Users should be able to fill out the application form and submit the application to StudyLink.

2) Documents: Under the documents, the list of all attachments that are uploaded by the user. The user can also “+Add attachment” on the right corner of the tab.

3) Settings: Under the settings tab, there should be a button that says “Discontinue application”,

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