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Shambhavi Sapkota
Written by Shambhavi Sapkota

StudyLink Connect Integration

Do you find yourself spending way too much time inputting the same data twice in Agentcis and StudyLink?

We've got you covered!!! The most recent feature addition to Agentcis provides you the flexibility to connect/integrate your partners with Stydylink and saves you Big time by avoiding the hassle of double work of inputting the same data. Also, We can now easily enable the StudyLink connection which is available to all the partners.

Furthermore, Users can even send applicant and application details to the institution through StudyLink from the Agentcis Application page.

Overall, this has enabled users to view the status and communicate on the Study link directly from the agentcis application which is one of the pro advantages of the new upgraded application system.

How to Connect StudyLink with Agentcis

Follow the following steps to connect with Study Link:

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on API & Integration.

Step 2: Click on the StudyLink section and click on the “+Add Integration” button.

Step 3: Select the preferred branches in Agentcis from the dropdown.

Step 4: Input StudyLink API Key.

Note: Please visit this link ( to learn how to get the API Key from StudyLink

Step 4: Select the users, who should be able to use StudyLink.

Note: The user must choose a minimum of one user to proceed ahead.

Step 5: Click on “Save Integration and Connect Partners”.

How to Connect Partners with StudyLink

The purpose of connecting partners is to display Studylink only in the partners the user is connected with. Once the user clicks on ‘Save Integration and Connect Partners’, it should divert to the “Connect Partner".

Step 1: To connect a partner with Study Link, add the partners in both columns (ie Studylink & Agentcis)

Note: The user needs to add the partners on both sections. The user can click on “Import partners from database” if the partner is not added to their system already

Step 2: Click on “Save Connections” or “Cancel”

Manage Integrations and Connected partners tabs

Step 1: In the “Integrations” tab, the user will be able to see the card view of the branch integration added. The integration tab includes Branch Name, Access Users, and Connected Status.

Step 2: In the “Connected Partners” tab, they will be able to view the list of Partners integrated with Study Link.

To learn more about sending client applications through studylink, Go to How to send client applications to Institutions through Studylink Connection.

To learn more about API key for studylink , Go to How to get API Key for StudyLink Connect Integration.