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Prashant Manandhar
Written by Prashant Manandhar

Types of Agents

In any agency business, we have two types of agents which are super agents and sub-agents. 

A Sub Agent is the one who refers and sends applications to you for Partners which are not associated with them directly.

A Super Agent is the one to whom you send an application if you don't hold a direct representative agreement with the Partner.

A super-agent can be any other education or migration agent in the market who is directly tied up with the Universities with which you are not tied up currently. So, any student coming to you for such Universities can be referred to those super-agents. In this case, you are a sub-agent. Similarly, you can also have your sub-agents who refer you with students for Universities with which only you are tied up with currently. 

An agent in the Agentcis system can be either or both a Super Agent and a Sub Agent. You can add these agents in the application of your clients. You can also create payable income sharing or receivable income sharing for these agents. The invoice of an application with an agent will be saved in the Income Sharing tab of the Accounts section.