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Prashant Manandhar
Written by Prashant Manandhar

Introducing Agentcis Email Campaign

Communicating with clients is an integral part of the job and it might be hectic if you have to share with them in large numbers Therefore, Agentcis’ Email Campaign feature is here to back you up and bridge the gap between users and clients by simultaneously contacting a large number of receivers at once. Email campaigns will help to connect with subscribers at the ideal time, while also delivering helpful material and timely promotions. This feature will allow users to design email templates within the system itself.

This feature will also enable email analytics where the user can see the required data of the campaign.

Setting up an Email Campaign

1) Click on 'Campaign' from the left navigation bar.

2) Go to ‘Create new Campaign’ on the right side

3) Set up Campaign Information, Name, Category, Sender Information (email Id of the sender), and the Subject for the campaign.

4) Click on Next.

Designing the Template

1) Design the template according to your need or use the template provided by the system.

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Note: you can simply design the by dragging and dropping the content that you require.

2) Click on Next.

Set Recipients for the Campaign

To select the recipients for the campaign, you first have to add a filter and the list of your contacts will appear based on the filter that you just applied. From there, you can select the recipients that you require.

Campaign Summary

1) Click on Send Now to send the emails/campaign instantly, click on Schedule to send the email campaign at the selected time, and click save draft to save the campaign as a draft. 

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Email campaign analytics 

Analytics help you to understand how your campaign has performed. A brief insight of the number of recipients, open and click rate, delivered, hard bounces, and soft bounces from the campaign list. You can also filter according to the status of the campaign. 

Furthermore, You can view the in-depth Analytics by clicking the view reports button on the right side of the campaign list. 

Overall Statistics

The overall statistics give a glimpse of all the metrics of the email campaign. Here, You can also filter the statistics by picking the date range

Viewing Delivery Log

View the delivery log of the email campaign by clicking on the delivery log tab

Here you also have the option to retry all failed deliveries

Link Statistics

If you have used links in your email campaign, you can easily view the total times that your recipients have clicked on the link and the number of unique clicks from the link statistics. 

Link Clicks

Additionally, you can also view the details of the individuals who clicked on the links

Unsubscribed list

This list will contain the list of recipients who have unsubscribed from the email that was sent to them.