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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

Version 6.6.4

Partner Product Import with Custom Field

We have released one of the most requested features that is, to import partner and product database along with the custom field data. Now you can import your entire Partner and Product data in bulk through CSV import in the system. You can also update your database easily with this new feature. The feature is replaced in a fresh new section for better user experience and efficiency, that is from the settings page.

Step 1: Click on the Settings button.

Step 2: Select Data Import.

Step 3: Click the Import Partner & Product button.

Step 4: Download the import template.

Step 5: Select Master CategoryWorkflow, Partner Type, and Product Type.

Step 6: Fill in the template with the information of your Partners and Products. The template will also contain the custom field that you have added to your system.

Note: The fields marked with * are mandatory.

Step 7: Upload the file back into the system.

Step 8: To view the details of your upload, click on the Details button.

Step 9: Here you can see the number of PartnersBranches, and Products that have been InsertedUpdated, and Failed to import.

Step 10: If some of your data have failed to import, the Validation Errors are shown in a list view.

Custom Field in Application

Need extra information on your applications? Worry no more!! The new feature for adding custom fields in the application lets you add custom fields of your choice on your applications and collect data in any form of text, date, numbers or drop-down selection.

Adding Custom Fields

Step 1: Click on the Settings button and select Custom Fields.

Step 2: Click Add Field and a pop-up window will appear to fill in data for a new field.

Step 3: Select Application for Module then select Section Name and add Custom Field Name. You also need to select Custom Field Type and Workflow for the field.

Step 4: Click Save, the field is created and appeared on the Custom Field list.

Task Due Time According to the Time Zone on Task Report

Get a detailed report of all your tasks with the newly added Due Time column in the Task Report. This will let you see the exact due time of the task according to your time zone.

Create a Task from Email/Conversation Tab

Create an email related task easily and quickly without having to follow any long procedures.

Step 1: Go to the Conversations tab of a contact.

Step 2: Click on the Add Task button.

Step 3: The title of the task will be the subject of the email to make the user’s job easier. But you can change it as your will.

Step 4: Choose the Category and Priority of the task.

Step 5: The Related To radio button will be selected according to the contact of the email. If the contact is a Client, the client’s name is selected. If the contact is a Partner, the Partner’s name will be selected.

Step 6: Select the Assignee for the task.

Step 7: Select the Due Date and Followers if required.

Step 8: Click on Create.

Master Category

Along with education, other master categories are also available for you to easily import the data from Agentcis database.