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Shreeya Dangol
Written by Shreeya Dangol

Version 6.8.1

Invoice Creator's Office Address on the Invoices

Great news! We have released a new feature regarding invoice addresses. You will now be able to set the default address for the invoice from the Account settings. This way you can have the desired address on the invoice you create.

Follow this step in order to do so:

Step 1: From Setting, go to the Accounts Tab

Step 2: From here, you can set up your business invoices address by filling this information up:


  • City
  • State
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Country (Mandatory Field)

Note: User with permission to this page can view only those offices that they have access to. Just like at the top while selecting the office, users should view only those options under the dropdown.

Partner's Contract Agreement information moved to Partner Detail Page

We have added a new Agreement tab in the Partner Detail Page so that you can add the Partner’s contract details even though the partner is auto-synced.

Follow the following steps in order to do so:

Step 1: From Partner Tab, Choose the Partner from the list you want to add the contact form.

Step 2: From here, click the Agreement sub-tab. You can see these required fields:

  • Contract Expiry Date
  • Representing Regions (Dropdown field)
  • Commission percentage
  • Default Super Agent (Dropdown field)

Add a Quick Note right from your email conversations

This feature will make it easy to create quick emails related notes, without any hassles.

Follow these following steps in order to do so:

Step 1: For each email/conversation, there is an icon that lets the user add a note.

Step 2: Click the Add Note icon

Step 3: The Add Notes pops-up and you need to fill in the required information:

Title: Subject of the email/conversation. The title of the note will be the title of the email by default, but you can change that.

Description: It will be filled up by the user manually.

All the notes added from respective Contacts and Partners need to appear under their respective Notes & Terms section.