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Mihir Sharma
Written by Mihir Sharma

What is a Custom Tag?

The Custom Tag Management feature on Agentcis helps you to group and categorize your contacts in any ways you want to. It helps to makes your life so easy whenever you need to segregate your contacts in different dynamics and deal with it. Well, that's not it. The custom tags are also listed in the contacts list page as well as report page. This helps to get the flexibility to filter contacts with the category you have created.

To add a custom tag in a contact (Enquiries, Prospects, and Clients) :

Step 1: From the contact list, select a contact and go to it's detail page.

Step 2: Go to the Personal Details section and click on the +Add button for Tag(s).

Step 3: Here, you can either create a new custom tag or select an existing custom tag from the list.

To remove a custom tag in a contact (Enquiries, Prospects, and Clients) :

Click on the cross sign to remove that particular tag.

Tag management Settings

The list of all the custom tags that have been added to the system will be listed in the Tag Management settings.

To view this list:

Step 1: Click on the Settings icon.

Step 2: Select Tag Management.

Step 3: All the custom tags are listed here. You can see their names, the user who created the tag, the user who last updated, the last updated date, and the number of contacts with this tag.

To add a new tag from the settings page:

Step 4: Click on the Add button.

Step 5: Write a suitable Tag Name and click on Save.

To edit an existing tag:

Step 4: Click on the activity button and select Edit.

Step 5: Select Accept on the pop up message.

Step 6: Edit the name of the tag and Save.

To remove a custom tag:

Step 4: Click on the activity button and select Remove.