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Renuka Shakha
Written by Renuka Shakha

Zapier Authentication

How can we connect other media with agentcis? How to connect Mailchimp through zapier? How to connect leads from other media with agentcis?

The ZapierAuthetication feature is available in Premium Plan only.

To integrate the Zapier to the agenctis

Step 1: Go to Agentcis and click on settings.

Step 2: On the settings, you can see the API & Integration option.

Step 3: Select API

Step 4: Click on Create New Token from the top right corner.

Step 5: Give API name. For example - Zapier New Lead Integration and click save.

Step 10 - Copy the token from the Agentcis pop-up.

Step 11 -

aste the API token in the Zapier pop up.

Step 12:: Sign up to Zapier via

Step 13: Click on the Make a Zap option.

Step 14: On the Trigger section search Agentcis.

Step 15: Click on Agentcis from the search result.

Step 16: Select the required trigger event. Currently, there are three triggers available: New Client, New Lead, New Prospect.

Step 17: Click on Continue.

Step 18 - Connect to your Agentcis account by clicking on Sign up.

Step 19- On the integration pop up you have to add the subdomain and API ticket.

To add subdomain:-

Go to Agentcis and select your subdomain. For example - blueskydemo

Step 20 - Paste the subdomain on the Subdomain field of integration pop up.

Step 21:Finally click on Yes, Continue

Note: The user should have the following permissions to integrate the Zapier with Agentcis.

To edit the user permission of the user, please go through the following link: